Important features on THAT BEAUTY SHOP website.
Important features on THAT BEAUTY SHOP website.

Dear lovers, 

Here's one of those posts I'm owing you. 
HOME: This is the homepage. It represents the first page you see when you open our site. 

SERVICES: This page, shows some of the services rendered by That Beauty Shop. We offer services ranging from makeup and makeovers to branding of wristbands, logos, shopping bags, banners and logos, boxes etc for businesses to Online shop that contains all your favorite items. 

PHOTO GALLERY: Here we display some of makeup pictures and other fun-related beauty edits. 

CONTACT US: Wasn't any of our customer care agents nice enough, was your packaging unsealed before the product got to you. Or did you get the wrong product. Was your delivery late? Or do you just want to commend us on a job well done. Any reports at all, enquiries, suggestions and recommendations should all be done on this page. 
Please go to our contact page, fill it up and send us a complaint. We'll respond faster than lightening. 

BLOG: This page is for all things hot šŸ”„. For announcements, skin therapy tricks, beauty hacks, news and other random stuffs. Please stop on this page. 

SHOP: Let's shop till we drop... I hope this clearly explains what this page is about. Our shop has been verified by paystack. So, all purchases are secured and trusted. Buy all your favorite products here. And the best thing is we restock every two weeks and pre-orders are allowed. Distributors, Wholesalers and drop shippers are needed too. 

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