Features that make shopping easier for you!
Features that make shopping easier for you!

Dear lovers, 

Anyone that shops online frequently will know that finding what you want from really big online stores like ours can be really time consuming. 
You can use any of these three special features on our shop to make your shopping experience even easier.

 Special features on the shop include the SEARCH icon, CATEGORIES and FILTER BY PRICE. 

👉 SEARCH: You can use the search icon at the top of the page to search for the products or items you want by using any keywords related to the item. E.g Bags, shoes, women, barelift etc

👉 CATEGORY: Use this to select any category of your choice. It'll show you all the products on the shop that are related to that category e.g tapping on the JEWELRY category will show all the jewelry we have in stock.

👉 FILTER BY PRICE: This simple feature let's you see all the products available at their differences. Unfortunately, it's only available for prices of between 0 naira to 500 naira. But, we'll soon work on that.

With this three features created for you. You'll be done shopping in no time!
Don't thank me yet, you can thank me after you're done shopping and received your package. 😎

With love,